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We aim to serve local, national and international communities. 


We are passionate about our science and we thank the taxpayers and private donors that support it.

We will keep you updated about our open seminars on nutrition and healthy aging but please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions (use the 'find us' link above). 



Tools we developed and made public:





Our Middle school visitors:

2016_Artifical Intelligence Lab:

Training computers to distiguish fat from 

lean animals


2017_What is Aging?
Do we really have genes that make us age fast? 

2018_Genomics Lab:
Inactivating genes to find the ones causing obesity.

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 11.04.53

2019_A taste of Science:
From worm fat to tracing neuronal paths


2023_Coming soon...
CRISPR in biomedicine

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